Link’s space

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Link is an accessible and comfortable four-storey building where there’s enough room to work and rest. It’s a co-creation space where sharing is the essence of everything. Is located in the building The Green Ray, in the expansion of the Campus de Teatinos.

This spin-off area is designed for businessmen who have already gone through the first stages of entrepreneurship. It’s aimed at businesses which are undergoing growth and creating jobs.

This is the place where new entrepreneurs are born. Potential entrepreneurs can contrast their ideas and business models with professionals, institutions and organisations, thereby helping them take the most appropriate decisions.

2nd Floor: This is the place where new entrepreneurs are born

There are meeting rooms and association spaces on the second floor, along with a company simulator. In it, users can recreate situations they could encounter in a business’s day-to-day work in a scenario similar to that of an SME.

3rd Floor: Continuous training and co-creation space.

A continuous training and co-creation space, two aspects which should be the basis for any initiative.

The third floor is very much alive and can be reconverted at any time to meet any specific needs: training rooms for a wide variety of disciplines like design thinking, the performing or musical arts and a large multi-use space.

4rd Floor: Link’s largest and most distinct space

There’s enough space on the fourth floor to rest, network and co-work. This is the ideal place to collaborate with colleagues, but also to hold private meeting with clients.

In addition, it has a large events and conference area, which users can also use to polish their public speaking skills.

Talks area
Relaxation space
Private boxes
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