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Link by UMA-ATech is the largest space for business, university and innovation coexistence in Andalusia. It’s of a place where students have the chance of trying out the labour market while companies discover outstanding professionals.
A real meeting point between the university and companies where a proactive attitude can be created, fostered, facilitated and generated.


Our goal is to ensure users find a response to any business situation at Link, regardless of the industry, branch or department they belong to
  1. To encourage entrepreneurship at a young age and self-employment.
  2. To make it easier for students to develop in a practical way the knowledge acquired in their degree courses within a real working environment.
  3. To create innovative ideas and new business models through synergies among the different kinds of backgrounds to be found at Link.
  4. To create a pro-business.
  5. To provide continuous training and counselling.
  6. To drive forward the growth of companies, so they are able to create new jobs.

Do you know our manifesto?

This is the manifesto which guides our daily working philosophy:

#do business

Changing course is in your hands. Don’t be afraid to take decisions.


Listen, speak, help and let yourself be helped. You’ve got as much to learn as you’ve got to teach.

#create teams

Four eyes are better than two. Four people also think more and better than one.


Don’t be left wishing you had tried it out. Do it and you’ll know if it was a good idea.


Set ambitious goals for yourself. The further the goal is, the faster you’ll progress

#be demanding on yourself

Never forget that anything, including your best project, can be improved.


Share your experiences and everything you’ve learnt. You’ll grow and help a lot of people like yourself.








2 thoughts on “About Link

  1. To whom it may concern

    I admitted for PhD of Economics at Malaga University. now I live in Iran. I need a job to both cover my expenditures and satisfy Spain Embassy. The type of job is not important. The most important part is my study.
    To tell the truth, my study depends on a job in Malaga.
    I would appreciate you to help me in finding a job in Malaga.

    Please, help in finding a job.

    Best Regards,
    Shahram Dehghan Jabarabadi

    1. Hi Shahram! You must conctact with the employment department by this email: insercion.laboral@uma.es. Also you can get all the information you will need at our website: http://factor-e.uma.es/index.php/empleo-demandantes/
      In addition, you should know you have to be loged in our website icaro.ual.es/uma, you had to put your personal information and your skills, as better as you can, in the platform because from this web we manage the job offers.
      I wish you luck,
      Best regards,

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