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GDG Málaga: Woman TechMakers

marzo 7 @ 8:30 am - 8:00 pm

Coworking, 4ª planta de Link,  y  Salón de actos, de 08.30 a 20.00 horas.

El 7 de Marzo es la 5ª edición del evento Women Techmakers celebrado en Málaga.

Women Techmakers es una iniciativa liderada por Google, que se está expandiendo a un programa a nivel mundial. Con motivo del Día Internacional de la Mujer, se promueven diferentes eventos alrededor del mundo con el objetivo de dar a conocer el trabajo y el conocimiento de las mujeres en el sector técnico.

En Málaga contaremos ponentes y talleres, entre conferencia y conferencia podremos tomar algo y charlar entre los asistentes. Y recordad que los chicos también están invitados a asistir al evento.

Let´s meet to celebrate the international women’s day (IWD) with the company of top speakers and a wide variety of interesting talks and workshops. We want you to participate and enjoy this event with us.
The final agenda is:

9:00h-9:30h Welcome & Coffee Break
9:30h-10:10h Speaker: Maria García

Title: What a time to be alive!

Description: A very human, non-technical approach to AI adoption across industries. The so-called fourth industrial revolution is introducing innovation opportunities that business leaders can use to build intelligent economies, not only for them but for society in general.

Company: The Workshop

Language: English or Spanish (TBC with the audience)

Duration:40 min

Level: Beginner

10:15h -11:00h Speaker: Kateryna Bulyshkina

Title: Software Development as an engineering practice

Description: Applying engineering principles to software creation. Design vs. trial, error and fix approach.

Company: Epam Systems

Language: English

Duration: 45 min

Level: Intermediate and experienced developers


11:05h-11:45h Speaker: Marta Reigal Almagro

Title: Design and development matched and had an appointment.

Description: It may seem that designers and developers are from different planets, but there is chemistry between them! In this talk we will discuss the flow and work process between design, development and other departments involved, coming to understand how important communication and documentation are. We will learn how a style guide can facilitate development work, in addition to organizing and prioritizing different tasks.

Company: Next Chance Group

Language: Spanish.

Duration: 40 min

Level: Beginner


11:45h-12:00h BREAK
12:00h-13:00h Speaker: Lucía Blanco Salgado

Title: Introduction to Web Scraping with NodeJS

 Description: It would be something very basic, to bring scraping closer to anyone. We would see some useful tools and libraries, and then some practical examples that people without many notions of programming could follow.

Company: Rindus

Language: Spanish / English (whichever is necessary)

Duration: 60 min

Level: Beginner

 Modality: Workshop

Pre-requisites: Computer with VSCode, Postman, and Node installed.


13:00h-14:00h LUNCH
14:00h-14:30h Speaker: Katy Peichert

Title: Best practices in Tech Talent Acquisition from the perspective of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Description: Talent Acquisition is a strategic function in every workplace that cares about hiring and keeping great people. This function should also take into consideration how important it is to bring a diverse mindset, skillsets of people coming from different backgrounds, as this contributes to enhanced productivity, engagement, and enriching company culture. This is not enough, as diverse folks will not stay in the workplace that is not inclusive. So, let’s have a look into the principles of building a workplace where everyone feels welcome as they are. Like in this metaphor: Diversity – is being invited to a party, Inclusion – is being welcomed and received and finally Belonging – is enjoying the party with everyone else!

Company: The Workshop

Language: English

Duration: 20-30 minutes


14:35h-14:55h Speaker: Maria Jesus Godoy

Title: Desde la concepción de una idea hasta su materialización en un área multidisciplinar.

Description: In this talk, we will learn how to define and formalize a problem in molecular biology, the use of algorithms for its resolution and the implementation of an application for users also from other research areas. During this process, the self-learning part was the key to publish this project in top-ranking journals. Through this experience, we would like to inspire a new wave of developers-researchers.

Company: BaseNet

Language: Spanish

Duration: 20 min


15:00h-16:00h Speakers: Marta Gomez y Paloma de las Cuevas

Title: Building apps in the cloud.

 Description: we will learn in this workshop how to build cloud applications in two different platforms: AWS and Google Cloud, by using the free tiers that they offer.

Company: Virus Total & Financial Force

Language: Spanish or English

Duration: 60 min

Level: Medium

Modality: Workshop


16:00h-16:50h Speaker: Gema Parreño Piqueras

Title: Build your own agent with TensorFlow for StarCraft II.

Description: Te talk gives a general overview about StarCraft II pysc2 API and shows results with A3C in customized mini-games. Besides, it digs into the implementation of a variation of DQN:  Double Q Learning with dueling architecture using TensorFlow. You can follow the material before or after the talk here

Language: Spanish

Duration: 50 min





marzo 7
8:30 am - 8:00 pm


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